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Kinship Activities

Why does Kinship host activities


Kinship hosts group mentoring activity throughout the year.  These activities are planned to provide an opportunity for all Kinkids (matched or unmatched) and volunteers to get together and to enjoy conversation, constructive interaction and fellowship.  Kinship sponsored activities are an excellent way for our matches to share experiences together, along with other Kinship matches.  Unmatched Kinkids and volunteers benefit from the activities as they are "matched up" just for that activity; benefiting from their temporary friendship.

Activities have a wide variety of topics, and are either educational, recreational or community-service oriented (or a combination).   A few examples include canoeing, fishing, baking Christmas goodies, going to a baseball game and a Veterans Program.  Below are pictures highlighting Kinship's recent group mentoring activities.

Who can attend?


Kinship group activities are open only to Kinship youth and screened adult volunteers unless otherwise stated, providing a positive mentoring experience for all. 


Adults interested in becoming a group mentor at Kinship activities must complete the same screening process as our 1:1 & family mentors. 

Become a volunteer

Upcoming Kinship Activities

Board Games, Kits & Fun Night

Thursday, December 27th

6:00 - 8 :00 PM - ThingamaBOB's Toy Shop

How does an evening of games, kits, board games, science fun & more sound?  Add in fellowship & fun with other Kinship youth & mentors and you are sure to have a great time!  Kinship, along with ThingamaBOB's Toy Shop is hosting a special Kinship night on Thursday, December 27th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

Participants can expect a hands-on night of fun, competition, laughter and learning.  All Kinship matches & unmatched youth / mentors are welcome to attend.  Please RSVP through the link below or by calling Kinship at (320) 632-8806 by December 21st.

Activity Registration Form

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