Are you interested to enter the Soup & Chili Cook-off?

Kinship’s 21st annual Soup & Chili Cook-off is just around the corner (March 31st). It is time decide if that recipe you entered last year will be the People’s Choice this year, or if you need to dig out a secret soup or chili recipe that will be the talk of the town! Maybe you have never entered the Cook-off before; don’t wait another year! Roll up your sleeves, dig out your apron and exercise your culinary finesse all while supporting the Kinship youth mentoring program. 

The Soup & Chili Cook-off is open to entrants from restaurants, organizations, individuals or teams. There is NO ENTRY FEE. Entrants bring 5 gallons of their soup or chili and a chafing dish to serve from. All other serving supplies (i.e. ladle, spoons, cups and napkins) are provided. Chafing dishes can be provided if needed (please mark that you need on the application.)

There are cash prizes in each category along with a coveted PEOPLE’S CHOICE traveling trophy.  Cookers also complete for the BEST THEME category in your serving area.  Get creative and serve your soup or chili with a theme (i.e. baseball park chili, log cabin soup, etc.) 

Register ASAP (by February 14th at the absolute latest)

Kinship's SOUP & CHILI Cook-off Registration Form

Kinship's 21st annual Soup & Chili Cook-off is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at the Falls Ballroom. Complete the form below to register a single soup or chili.